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Saturday 28/04
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Nesten presis to år efter vi hadde Elder på scenen hos oss siste gang er bandet tilbake. Trioen har vokst til en kvartett og med utgivelsen av bandets fjerde album, "Reflections Of A Floating World", har bandet tatt enda et stort steg opp og frem. I seg selv en imponerende prestasjon, når vi tenker på hvor strålende et album "Lore" (2015) var.

Her er det bare å glede seg!

"Reflections of a Floating World’ is both a glance back and a stride forward. The direct nature of some of the riffs and the weight of their execution sit it comfortably between ‘Spires Burn/Release’ and ‘Lore.’ The expansion of ambition and variety in musical approach however, keep Elder’s eyes firmly fixed on the horizon." - The Sludgelord

"There are few bands out there that feel like they come upon their heaviness as naturally as Elder, the young Boston-based quartet that has quietly built a killer catalog over the past decade. Their brand of heavy psych-rock feels denser and more decisive than most of their contemporaries. It feels carved out of a mountainside." - Paste Magazine

"Music is supposed to transport us somewhere else, and this is a quality that's not lost on Elder. Drop the needle, throw on your best pair of headphones, and let Elder take you away. It's an adventure that won't be soon forgotten." - Metal Injection

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