Ticket info

Tickets? Yes, please.

Buy your tickets online or at the bar in Kafé Akvariet during our regular opening hours. Folken’s ticketing partner is Linticket.

Ticket reservations can be made during office hours week days from 09:30 to 14:00. Reserved tickets have to be collected and purchased in Kafé Akvariet within three days.

We do not refund purchased tickets.

Tickets are also sold on the actual day of the show.

If you have questions regarding your tickets, don’t hesitate to contact us. We recommend contacting us by phone during office hours for assistance.

Various information

  • Age limits

    Unless stated otherwise in the program the age limit at Folken is 18 years. We are required to check your ID at the door.
  • Guardian

    We want to give an under-age audience the opportunity to experience live music as well.

    An adult over 25 years can function as guardian for a maximum of two children. Any consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited for the guardian throughout the stay at Folken.

    A contract for guardianship has to be filled out and signed by the staff on arrival. You can download the form here.
  • Accompanying assistent

    Assistance accompanying our guests in wheel chairs or with disabilities are allowed on the same ticket as the person they are accompanying.
  • Accessibility for the disabled

    You'll find the elevator at the back of the building. Contact the staff for assistance.
  • Gift card

    What a great idea for a present!

    You can buy gift cards in the Kafé Akvariet during regular opening hours.
  • Student discounts

    The student society house obviously offers discounts for students.

    And yes, we also accept non-Norwegian student identification cards.
  • About buying tickets online

    At Folken we use Linticket as our ticketing partner. Their solution lives up to standards for security and consumer rights.

    Tickets bought online will be delivered to you by mail or otherwise depending on your choice during the buying process.

    You can also pick up your tickets in Kafé Akvariet on the night of the show, but we recommend picking up tickets well in advance of the event.

    If you can't find the tickets in your mail, please check that you spelled the address correctly and check your spam-filter. If that doesn't solve the problem please contact us by phone during office hours.

    In case of other problems contact us by phone during office hours.
  • Refunds

    We only refund tickets in case of cancellation of an event, a change of date or other mistakes on Folken's behalf.

    Mistakenly purchased tickets will not be refunded.

    In case of cancellation purchased tickets have to be refunded no later than on the original date of the event unless stated otherwise.

    If an event is post-poned tickets for the original date can be used for the new date. In the rare case an event is post-poned and then cancelled, tickets have to be refunded no later than two weeks after the cancellation is announced unless stated otherwise.