Elder (US) + support: Red Mountains

Monday 20/05
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Elder er tilbake!

Kvartetten, som to gange tidligere har levert fantastiske konsert på Folken, jobber med oppfølgeren til bandets fjerde album, "Reflections Of A Floating World" (2017).

Mye mer vet vi ikke nå, men det spiller faktisk ingen rolle. Her er det bare å glede seg!

"Reflections of a Floating World’ is both a glance back and a stride forward. The direct nature of some of the riffs and the weight of their execution sit it comfortably between ‘Spires Burn/Release’ and ‘Lore.’ The expansion of ambition and variety in musical approach however, keep Elder’s eyes firmly fixed on the horizon." - The Sludgelord

"There are few bands out there that feel like they come upon their heaviness as naturally as Elder, the young Boston-based quartet that has quietly built a killer catalog over the past decade. Their brand of heavy psych-rock feels denser and more decisive than most of their contemporaries. It feels carved out of a mountainside." - Paste Magazine

"Music is supposed to transport us somewhere else, and this is a quality that's not lost on Elder. Drop the needle, throw on your best pair of headphones, and let Elder take you away. It's an adventure that won't be soon forgotten." - Metal Injection

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