Folken is one of Stavanger’s oldest, best and busiest live concert venues.

International, national and local artists and bands in all genres perform on our three stages. Established in 1988 Folken has a long and proud history of providing excellent and intimate live music experiences to the audience of the city and the region of Stavanger.

Folken is also a center for cultural student activities, where students are invited to think up and create whatever is meaningful to them. A professional administration is in place to help facilitate and make plans become reality. Are you studying in Stavanger, please make sure to read the information provided here also.

Our goal is to stimulate interest in live music and other cultural activities, both on the producing and the receiving end. Folken is a terrific arena to spend time and make new friends. If you are new in town Folken must be one of the best ways to get off to a good start!

The rooms
The bar and café on the first floor with its relaxed atmosphere hosts regular events such quizzes, jams and more. Coffee is regular, wifi is free, student discounts are very real and even though food is not served here, you are welcome to bring you take-away from somewhere else. A good way to keep up with what is going on is by following the page on Facebook. Remember to bring your student card when you visit Folken to get the discounts for events and in the bar.

The basement, Grottene, with it’s 180 people capacity has a small stage, dance floor and foosball table and is a great option for parties and small live shows.

The main venue, Storsalen, has a maximum capacity of 650 people when local, national and international acts in all genres perform here. The main hall is also used by the film club, for debates, parties and other events.

Our volunteers
During events volunteers are the backbone of Folken. The volunteers are organized in different groups handling different aspects of the events – bar, technical, hospitality and more. Send us an e-mail if you want to know more.

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