Anton Tsjekhov's 'The Bear' - A multidisciplinary performance

Friday 16/10
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Dører 19:00
Start 20:00
Aldersgrense 18 år eller med verge

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Due to restrictions for events, tickets are primarily sold in groups of 2 or 3 seats, sitting together.

Anton Tsjekhov's "The Bear" - A multidisciplinary performance directed and produced by Amanda Dekker

A creditor, his debtor and her faithful servant are locked into an absurd battle in 19th Century Russia, where a “bear” is the worst you can be. Grief, duty and desperation clash in this multidisciplinary interpretation of Tsjekhov.

Amanda Dekker is a theatre maker originally from the Netherlands. She moved to Norway in 2018. Her major study has been Theatre in education, with minors in directing and theatre masks.

As a maker she is always searching for the artist's physicality.  While creating theatre, her attitude is that, although she is the director, everyone is a maker, a co-creator.

For her the most interesting aspect of making a performance is to work with different disciplines and experience how they come together in one piece.

This year she decided to produce a performance, working from the script “The Bear” by Anton Tsjekhov. With three actors, two dancers and two musicians (cello and guitar) she made a new version of this comedy.

The cast

Alice Alzeni: Elena Ivanovna Popova
Cathrine Sætre: Luka
Philip Durnford: Grigory Stepanovitch Smirnov

Hanne Kristine Jensen
Ingvild Maria Thingnes

Dawid Zmuda

Dawid Zmuda: Guitar
Iida-Alina Poijärvi: Cello

The production
Director/concept: Amanda Dekker
Assistant director: Vilde Vengnes
Stage design: Philip Durnford

Art design by: Alice Alzeni
Poster design by: Fredrik Vagle