The Six Dancing Princesses

Saturday 20/01
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Dører 14:30
Start 15:00
Varighet: Ca 2 timer inkl. pause
Barn under 13 år kun i følge med voksne

You think theatre is only for the sophisticated? Used to being hushed at and worried that your kids won’t be able to sit still? Clearly you’ve never seen a British panto before! Worry not! During these very days, BATS Theatre is preparing a panto for January 2024 - right here in Stavanger - just as we’ve done for almost 40 years!

Get ready to meet King Stuffy, who keeps his daughters confined to the palace. Princesses Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday who really just wanna have fun. Queen Stuffy, who is away on a yoga retreat. Or is she? The talkative dog, Doggy Waggy, an evil fairy, and many more quaint, silly and mystical beings.

Tag along for an unforgettable evening full of jokes both for the kids and adults, an opportunity to let your kids use their outdoor voices inside and a chance to join in on a song or two!