For students

In addition to being a live music venue for the entire region, Folken is a center for cultural student activities, where students are invited to think up and create whatever is meaningful to them.

Get involved and join the fun at Folken as a volunteer in one of the many groups handling different aspects of the house’s every day life. Be a bartender, work with sound and lights, be a part of the hospitality group making artists and audiences feel comfortable and welcome at Folken. You can also join our group of house photographers documenting events and life at Folken or join the group entertaining a full café with the quiz every Tuesday evening.

A professional administration is in place to help facilitate and make ideas and plans become reality.

Ever since it’s start as a student society house in 1988 volunteering – and the volunteer spirit – has been the backbone of Folken. We offer an arena where you can make new friends, learn new skills and grow! The discounts you get in the bar and the shows you get to attend for free, are just a bonus.

Interested? Please do not hesitate to get in touch!