Without our fantastic volunteers Folken would stop running tomorrow!

Volunteers are checking your ticket. Volunteers serve you at the bar in the main hall during shows. Volunteers are helping out with sound and lights and take care of artists and bands visiting us. The volunteer photo group is documenting the action in the city’s best venue!

Work two nights and attend one meeting a month and we’ll put you on the guest list for our shows, give you discounts at the bar and provide a family of fellow volunteers. You’ll get experience with working in teams and you’ll meet a variety of great people!

The reasons for volunteering are many – interest in music or good old ‘having fun’ – but the meeting new people and making new friends is probably the most important reason.

Made up your mind? Go to the registration form . Interested, but need a bit more info? Get in touch by sending us an e-mail to blimed@folken.no or give us a call: +47 5156 4444. It’s that easy!